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Welcome to Mae's Salon

San Diego, CA 

As a longstanding competitor of 14 years in Haircare, we succeed at creating much more than just hairstyles or looks. 


We create experiences curated just for you.

Most people visit to Salon's to look great.  But, here at Mae's not only will you leave looking great, but you'll leave feeling great.  When you book with us, you will discover a beauty salon where things are done uniquely. Find your new one stop shop here!


Established in 2008, Our Mission has always been to operate provide the best salon experience in the area, and to be the most-loved provider of Hair Care Accessories. We've been able to do so by supporting the community with events and Military Discounts. We provide services including but not limited Locks, Braids, Weaves, Perms, Press and Curls, Hair Coloring, and etc. We recognize our Clients to be the cornerstone of the Mae’s Beauty Salon and pride ourselves in building family-oriented experiences and personal relationships, one person at a time. It's truly what makes our Salon so unique. As Hair Braiders, Barbers and Stylists, we are determined to be the very best at what we do, regardless of the size, pedigree or inclinations of our competitors.


"I love love love Maes Braidery my Hair has always been well maintained with them and the vibe is always right. There is always quality work being done in this business. I highly recommend this spot whenever you need your hair touched up, done up or just want to try something new.

-Mo C, Yelp

"Mae's Salon is absolutely amazing. Her work goes above and beyond what you could ask for. I have been a customer for 11 years and her team of employees are amazing. You immediately feel at home and take. Care of as soon as you come inside the shop. Trust me Mae's Braidery and Barber Salon is the right choice for you."

- Abram M, Yelp

I've been getting my Hair done at Mae's since 2016. I recently attended a work celebration after getting my hair done and I was complimented to the max, telling me that I look like a movie star and that I look fly as hell. I always leave Mae's feeling like a million bucks. Clean comfortable friendly Vibes and always chill music to help you relax. Come to Mae's if you want your hair done by a Master Hair Stylist at an affordable price and if you want your hair done right. 

 -Michelle Elaine B, Yelp


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