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COVID-19 Update

Personal Hygiene

We hope this Update finds you Safe and Well! Here at Mae's, We have implemented Strict New Guidelines for ensuring the Safety and Comfort of our Clients amid the Re-Opening. Along with Social Distancing, We have Re-Designed the entire Mae's process to ensure the Health and Safety of our Clients.

  • Outdoor Seating
    In an effort to ensure our clients safety and conform to State Mandates, we have implemented outdoor/patio service. Enjoy Fresh Air, Shade, Quality Service, and an Amazing atmosphere all while getting your look done!
  • COVID-19
    For Ensuring the Health and Safety of Our Clients we Implemented: • Online Booking • Online Consultations • Online Service • Outdoor/Patio Service • Removal of Waiting Rooms • Face-Mask Requirements • Limit on Amount of People • Sanitization • ETC+ These Guidelines only being a small portion of the major changes we implemented to ensure our Clients upmost Health and Safety. Although there may be a few differences, Here at Mae's, we will always do our best to give you a Safe and Wonderful Service. We are all in this together.
  • How would I apply for a Position?
    To apply for a Position at Mae's, either call us or go to the Apply tab at the top right of the screen, and enter your information.
  • Is there Free Wifi?
    Yes! To add our Wifi, ask your Hair-Care specialist for the Network name and password. Happy Browsing!
  • What is the Same-Day Cancellation Fee?
    The Same-Day Cancellation Fee is a Security Precaution against Last-Second Cancellations. The fee is included in your Final Price of the Service and can be refunded if the Appointment is Cancelled within 24-hours or More in Advance Before the Appointments' set time.
  • What forms of Payment are Accepted?
    We accept Cash, Credit/Debit Card, and Apple Pay.

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